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The Foundations Strategy

“Nothing worth having comes easy.” That said, achieving your health and fitness goals doesn’t have to be unpleasant. Just the opposite: It’s rewarding! It only takes commitment. 

Our intelligent bodies are designed to handle ebbs and flows, however sedentary lifestyles, unchecked stress, and variable eating habits hinder us from operating as our best selves. If optimal wellness and performance are the goal, consistency and routine are key.

ON’s eight-week Foundations Strategy is designed to identify each client’s lifestyle, exercise, and eating habits that are ripe for optimization. After a thorough intake and review of any recent lab testing to establish your baseline level of health, Dr. Jake will work with you to establish your individualized, task-oriented plan. 

An initial InBody scan will serve as a clear benchmark for assessing actual change in body composition including fat mass, lean muscle mass, and body fat percentage, without the factor of guessing, at the four-week and eight-week marks. Additional lab testing may be recommended to ascertain specific information regarding your current health status, for example microbiome/gut testing, food sensitivities, hormone status, and inflammatory indicators. Supplements will also be considered.

Over the course of eight weeks, clients can expect six 25-minute focused check-ins with Dr. Jake, conducted remotely by Zoom or phone, as well as access to email and direct messages. This level of constant care ensures that your questions will be answered, that your plan may be adjusted as necessary, and supports positive accountability throughout. Additional resources—such as shopping lists, recipes, scientific research and more—will also be made available for your education and ongoing support.

The Foundations Strategy prioritizes a focus on small incremental changes that, when applied daily and with consistency, add up to launch a new routine that guarantees sustained wellbeing. You should expect to:

  • Repair and recharge your metabolism.

  • Boost energy.

  • Reduce inflammation.

  • Decrease body fat.

  • Increase muscle mass.

  • Improve mental clarity and focus.

This is truly an individualized approach with the accountability you’ll need to stay on track (you gotta do the work!), but also the flexibility to make adjustments and hone your strategy to generate a manageable healthy lifestyle for life lasting results. 

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InBody Scans

Forget the guesswork. Access to professional InBody scanning promises a clear view of your complete body composition including body fat percentage, muscle mass, and more at the beginning, middle, and end of each eight-week program.

Lab Testing

We will review any recent lab results that may be indicative of your current health status. Additional tests such as gut/microbiome and inflammatory markers may be recommended to help you reach your optimal potential.


A medicine cabinet full of pricey supplements doesn't necessarily equal big health benefits. We will review your supplementation practices and make careful, personalized recommendations with a less is more approach.

Lifestyle Planning

You are what you eat. Movement is life. But no two bodies are built the same. We'll help you devise a nutrition and exercise strategy that incorporates the foods and activities you love into a healthy new routine you can happily sustain for the future.

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The 8-week Foundations Strategy is offered for $650. But life-changing endeavors are easier and more fun with support from a loved one, so we offer a household buddy (partner, spouse, child, parent) rate for $1,095. At the end of the program, additional support may be added as desired.

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Our eight-week Foundations Strategy fosters a healthy relationship with food and nutrition, prioritizes movement, and allows for flexibility to better suit each of our unique clients. Wondering whether it's the right fit for you? Schedule your complimentary 25-minute, in-person consultation with Dr. Jake today. Get ON it: Book here.

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