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Dr. Jake was very easy to work with and respectful of my personal laundry list of needs/likes/dislikes when it comes to working with food/psychology etc. Especially from the perspective of someone who has struggled with an eating disorder and every diet/cleanse under the sun. Dr. Jake's methodology was very individualized. He set achievable goals that helped me to start viewing my nourishment as an important part of my total health. The mindfulness that this journey has created within my body has been incredible. I am enjoying our continued work together to address inflammation, blood sugar, energy, strength and overall wellness.

Tiffany M.


Jake has brought awareness to my health and wellness beyond what I perceived my ceiling to be. I am grateful for his ability to listen to what I am seeking as far as goals, and how and when to implement them. His program has helped me recognize and build habits that were available to me that I had unknowingly avoided for years. Jake has helped me learn how to slowly shift my decision making and I have seen an immediate increase in my overall energy levels. I feel like I have slowed down the aging clock.

Ajay P.


Jake's deep knowledge of nutrition and supplementation has truly changed my life. When I was recovering from a tough case of chronic Lyme disease, his recommendations for what to eat (and not to eat!) were crucial for tamping down my inflammation so I could finally heal. Later, when I complained of lifelong UTIs and of decades taking antibiotics, he was the first doctor in my long history of doctors to suggest a simple natural supplement which I now take daily. I have been UTI- and antibiotic-free for over two years since. Total game changer.

Chloe H.

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