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Dr. Jake Hennen | Founder

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Founded by Dr. Jake Hennen, Original Nutrition was born of an obsessive, lifelong quest for optimal health, fitness, achievement, and happiness. A chiropractor at Urban Hippie in Oak Cliff, with education and hands-on experience in a range of integrated fields—including functional neurology, culinary arts and nutrition, personal training, and physical therapy—Dr. Jake has devoted three decades to the study and application of both ancient and modern models of nutrition and conditioning to hone his strategies for optimal health and performance in sport. He is himself a well-rounded athlete: a former college footballer, semi-professional cyclist, a certified sailor, and a triathlete who recently completed his first Ironman at the age of 47. He also leads the Oak Cliff Run Club in twice-monthly 5Ks around the neighborhood.

Dr. Jake holds a few simple philosophies for attaining peak wellness. Movement is life. Train smarter, not harder. Recover like you train. Eat foods that make you feel great. 

He has also completed 300 hours of training at the Carrick Institute for Clinical Neuroscience and Rehabilitation, and is a certified practitioner in the ReCODE Protocol for Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s. Why is this relevant to his nutrition practice? Because that old adage “We are what we eat” applies: A smart, foundational strategy for diet and exercise doesn’t just support weight loss and athleticism, it feeds the brain for improved mental clarity, greater success at work, and ultimate longevity. 

Identifying exactly how to improve your health can be daunting—the body and brain are complex! With Original Nutrition, Dr. Jake has devised a foundational program with a truly individualized approach that will teach you how to integrate healthy living into your day to day, based on your unique needs and goals. PS: He’s also a former professional chef, so Dr. Jake will help you rethink how you approach the grocery store aisle with tips on what to shop for and how to plan your meals so that you’re eating foods that you, your brain, and your body will love. He will even share his favorite recipes that he makes for his own family at home.

Whether you’re looking to lose a bit of belly fat, clear your brain fog, or training for a marathon, Dr. Jake will actively coach you toward achieving the best results. The ultimate goal: to condition and sustain your mind and body for a long and healthy life.

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